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Amped about Web Standards?

Me too!

However, it is more likely that you are reading this blog because you have heard about or just formed a relatively new interest in web standards and would like to learn more. My mission will be to share with you why I’m so amped about web standards and share with you news, tips, and information about web standards and related technologies.

Maybe you are a web developer and would like to be more up to date with your design and coding practices. Maybe you are simply an avid interent user, and would like to understand how web standards impact you, and how they can enrich your browsing experience. Whatever role fits you, this blog will speak to you.

So… what are web standards then?

Web standards are a collection of technologies that help web developers create future-minded web content that are accessible as possible to all web users.

When a web page is said to conform to web standards, it means that the web page:

  • consists of validated HTML or XHTML
  • uses CSS instead of tables for layout (separating presentation and structure)
  • is properly structured and semantically marked up
  • works in any web browser

The last point is important to understand – as it does not mean that the webpage looks exactly the same in every web browser, as this is next to impossible to achieve. Instead, it means that it is functional and convey the intended content and functionality across all browsing devices from traditional computer based web browsers, to smart phones, and lots of different devices in between.

Why are web standards important for web developers?

  • Easier to develop and maintain your web pages
  • Compatibility with future browsers and new versions
  • Faster downloading of web pages
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Better accessibility
  • Better extensibility

Why are web standards important for web users?

  • Faster downloading of web pages
  • Better accessiblity
  • Useful and time saving new features

As you can see some of the points overlap, between web designers and web users. If they didn’t overlap, then that would mean that web designers weren’t focused on important, useful issues, when it comes to web standards.

New Features?

You’d be amazed at some of the incredibly useful features that standards minded web developers are creating these days. A few examples, which I will be diving into with more detail, and examples in this very blog:

  • advanced usability features – flexible fonts, dynamic layout customization, printer-friendly and mobile friendly pages
  • rss feeds – helps you keep up with the blogs and websites you want to read
  • microformats – embedded information in a web page that is easy to share with other applications

So, welcome to my new tech blog. I promise to make your visits here fun and informative!

— Alan

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