Coding quick reference guides

Web developers need to have a tons of languages and syntaxes in their short term memories – HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Microformats, Regular Expressions – its a lot to know and remember.

When I studied for big exams in college, my favorite technique was to create an all encompassing one-page sheet with everything I needed to know for that exam. The act of creating that page was the process of reviewing for the exam, and then I had something to refer to right up until exam time, aid in the memorization.

As web developers trying to keep up with all of the technologies in our toolbox – we need all the help when can get. Dave Child has put together a thorough and impressive set of “cheat sheets” that I highly recommend.

Head on over to Dave’s site to download the ones you need. Print and pin them up next to your monitor for the next time you can’t remember the syntax for the various box model attributes in CSS. 🙂 If you find them useful, don’t forget to get Dave something from his Amazon wish list as a way to say thanks.

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