Firefox 3 is here – where’s the microformats? 4

With the final version of Firefox 3 due out next week, you might be wondering… what happened to the promise of built-in Microformats support?

Unfortunately, there was never a consensus on how they should be exposed in the UI, so they didn’t get added. Not a total loss though, as they did add a microformats API that can be used by developers.

Adiditional info, see: Where are the microformats in Firefox 3?

4 thoughts on “Firefox 3 is here – where’s the microformats?

  1. Reply Joe Levi Jun 13,2008 11:44 AM

    The fact that the Firefox team completely dropped the ball on including support for Microformats in FF3 disgusts me. All that’s done is emboldened the MSIE team to “do it wrong” in MSIE8… which, unfortunately, they’re doing…

    By “doing it wrong” I mean that they’re not even really supporting Microformats per se, rather, “micro formats” of proprietary markup. Guess we should have expected that from Microsoft, but honestly, I thought Firefox was all about the semantic web…

  2. Reply alan Jun 18,2008 12:45 AM

    While I agree that it feels like Firefox dropped the ball, or at least under-delivered on what we were hoping to see in Firefox 3, I agree with what Mike Kaply (creator of Operator plugin) that it is a tough UI problem to solve – how to add either a new sidebar or icon to show us when a page has imbedded microformats, without taking up too much browser real estate or cluttering the interface. I still think that the Firefox team will come up with a compromise (we control sidebars visibility!) that makes everyone happy in an upcoming point release.

    I don’t know much yet about the OpenService solution Microsoft is working on to allow for new services to handle microformats, but if Mike Kaply is working with Microsoft, I have to believe its in pretty good hands.

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