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Evernote is a free service that allows you to “remember everything”.

Think of it as a backup for your brain. With desktop, mobile, and web based interfaces, along with state-of-the-art OCR capabilities, it is literally possible to record nearly anything you see each day and have it automatically cataloged so that is is accessible and searchable later.

Evernote has been around for a few years, but has steadily improved its available interfaces (started out as Windows only) by adding Mac and mobile. (including a free iPhone/iPod Touch application)

I’ve only recently started using it, but the possibilities already have my mind reeling:

  • Capture website snapshots instead of just a text link filed away in delicious
  • Save an image of each online purchase receipt page, instead of having to print it out
  • Take a picture of that great bottle of wine you just drank at a restaurant and you’ll be able to find it again later
  • Digitize all of your receipts
  • Capture those brilliant ideas you write down on dinner napkins
  • Convert your hand-written notes and throw them away

Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest enough to check it out for yourself. Stop taking my word for it, and go read more about Evernote today – it could change the way you backup your brain! As with most free services, if you find yourself really making use of it, there is a pro version for $40/yr that will let you capture more and do more.

If you’re still not convinced, or still don’t get what all the fuss is about, check out the Lifehacker article about it. Lifehacker is a great website dedicated to helping you get more out of life.

Please drop a comment below if you already use Evernote, or if you give it a try and have something to share!

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