How to add a weather watchface to your Pebble synced with a standard iPhone

Tired of the Android – Pebble watch owners having all the fun?91 | My Pebble Faces

Thanks to a couple of awesome developers in the community – iPhone – Pebble watch owners can deploy a watchface that has some pretty slick features on it. And no, it won’t require a jailbroken iPhone. Thankfully, this process has recently got a lot easier than when I first found a watchface showing current local weather a few months ago. However, its still enough off the beaten path that I thought I would walk thru the steps for anyone that is interested, but hasn’t found or tried it yet.


  • iPhone 3GS/4/4s/5
  • Pebble App 1.0.6 or later
  • httpebble App 1.0 or later
  1. Step 1 – install httpebble on your iPhone. (I’ll assume you probably already have the Pebble app installed)This app is what allows your Pebble to access the internet for other sources of information – such as the weather! A very hard working and smart developer in the Pebble community named Katherine is responsible for this most useful app.It’s free and can be found here:
  2. Download watchface 91 Weather Moonphase from My Pebble FacesMake sure your Pebble is currently connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.Start at the download page.  (

    Important note: In the “select a version” area to the right of the watchface graphic, switch to 91 Weather Moonphase (iOS/ENU). The current latest version is 0.3.1.

    If you have not installed custom watch faces before, the easiest way to do this is to navigate to website via your iPhone, search for this watchface, and click the Download Watchface link. You will see a page with the .pbw file that has an option to “Open in Pebble”.

  3. Confirm the installation of the watchface via the Pebble App and it will be loaded on to your Pebble watch. Navigate to your new watchface!It will automatically find the local weather, sunrise, and sunset, and current state of the moon.The only minor issue I have with my favorite watchface is the date format, which is DD.MM.YY.

The watchface is fairly stable but from time to time it will lose connectivity and display a broken iPhone icon in the top section instead of the temperature. Usually, just restarting the httpebble app will resolve the problem and you’ll see the temperature again.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment if you have any issues with these instructions. Better yet, share if you know of another favorite watchface!

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